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_columbine's Journal

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This community is a result of reading Columbine messageboards and communities around the internet where all that is shared is common condescending remarks. We know that people come to Columbine communities because they either sympathize with what happened, because they want to learn more about it, because they want to enjoy discussions about it with other people, or because they relate to what the killers did. We find nothing wrong with any of the above, and welcome all to come and discuss it with one another. We only ask that you do so in a decent nature. If you want to discuss something with someone, or even involve yourself in an argument, please try be fair and reasonable when doing so. Stick to the topic at hand, and try to debate your point in an intelligent manner instead of name-calling or cursing to prove your point.

This community, we hope, will try to be very different from others out there. While many of the Columbine communities encourage strict postings about the massacre, we are going to be more open than that. There are other tragedies in America and around the world that also may hold your interest. Show no fear in discussing them here. If perhaps you think that we may not know of what you're referring to, provide a link to give insight, and we'll gladly share our feelings on the subject.

Something else that has been noticed, is that sometimes people state miniscule things that relate to Columbine... such as dreams, references to Doom or Natural Born Killers, among other things. The most common reaction to this is the "hardcore" Columbine "fans" getting pissed off and slinging mud. There's no room for that here, sorry. It's ridiculous. There's absolutely nothing "unnecessary" about pointing out things that you see. At all.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. We may not have the answers, but we will try to point you in the best direction as possible. There's no need to feel ashamed for asking anything, even if it has been brought up in the past a significant amount of times. Share what you need to share, and inquire about that which interests you. We're all here for the same reason. We want answers. Treat each other with kindness is all that we ask. Even if you feel you have nothing whatsoever in common with anyone else here, please realize that we all share a common interest in something and enjoy discussing it with others.