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Get a free 58-page sample chapter of my book "Transcending Columbine" [17 Sep 2011|10:14pm]
Hey all,

Some of you may know me and some may not. I'm the maintainer of www.dylanklebold.com - and I've been on hiatus for at least a few years.

I have been writing a book about Columbine for nearly a decade, and I know many people are expecting it soon and so I've got some great news!

After many long years in the making, I've completed my book "Transcending Columbine" and am starting the editing process before publication! The great news is that I've got a 58-page sample chapter FINALLY available for download on my website here: http://www.dylanklebold.com/

This will be a book that completely Transforms the way we see bullying and school violence - especially Columbine.

Thanks to everyone who has supported and opposed this project along the way, known, or anonymously through the 'net! I am enjoying this journey immensely, and looking forward to what's next! ♥


Here is the summary in case you're too lazy to go visit my websiteCollapse )
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"Beautiful Boy" [25 Sep 2010|04:20am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I didn't see anything mentioning this, so I thought I'd bring it up, as I just heard about it about 10 minutes ago after typing in "Columbine" in Facebook's search bar. Dave Cullen's book came up, but on that page was a link to the following article:

'Beautiful Boy': Raise a Glass for the Columbine Killers' Parents

It's a fictionalization about the family of an 18-year-old boy who goes on a shooting spree at college. Columbine is mentioned in the article, but there's nothing about VT. I was most drawn to it when I saw the actors playing the parents: Maria Bello and Michael Sheen, both of whom I really like as actors; Alan Tudyk will be in as well (adore him), and also... Meat Loaf? Okay. The movie is to be released some time this year (if it hasn't been already).


Was gonna post a link to the Wikipedia entry... but there isn't one yet.


It's possible others have heard of this, and I know there are other movies which use school shooting events as basis for their plot. But this one is pretty new, with the last national headline grabbing shooting happening in 2007 (at least as far as I know; with a large number of victims, anyway).

Edited to add: I just watched the trailer (after posting, kinda silly) and it nearly brought me to tears. Looks extremely well acted, by those portraying parents as well as Kyle Gallner, who portrays the gunner.

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Possibly weird [18 Sep 2010|11:57pm]

Some non-related background:

I know these comms are all but dead, but they aren't deleted, so I still check every so often (as I'm sure others do). So I don't necessarily expect replies any time soon (if ever).

Some related background:

"Academic violence" is a fascination of mine because the timeline of various school shootings (age/grade of killers/victims) seemed to coincide with my own age. I'd all but forgotten such a fascination (obsession, if you will) in 2007, when the Virginia Tech shootings happened. Again, the shooter was an English major (which I had been; changed to General Studies) and was my age. I feel that school shootings resonate with my generation on some level or another because they became almost common.

Anyway, I had a (possibly weird) question. After the VT shootings I wanted to buy a shirt from their online merch store -- my college had deemed that Friday "Maroon and Gold day" (gold or orange; not sure what they use) and I wanted an actual VT shirt, but ended up not getting one.

I can still buy VT shirts from their store, but I haven't found an official Columbine store. However, I did find a few generic sports memorabilia sites, and played around with jersey numbers (rotating 15/13/1 and using the date 1999). I haven't purchased a shirt, though if I were to indulge what I feel is almost a dark vice, I would. Is that... strange? Disrespectful? I mean it in memorial and because, as I said before, these events had a definite impact on my childhood/young adult life.

Just wondering what you guys thought.

(x-posted to _columbine + rebandvodka)

(PS: Thanks to cassettesex for the Fly download, even if it's from a year ago)
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random thoughts [23 Aug 2010|04:34am]

What's your opinion on the January incident that Eric feels so strongly about?

Or the rumors that Eric was in jail the weekend before? and if he was then why?

Dylan's death..and everything surrounding it...also if killed by police why wouldn't
the cops admit it? also why wouldn't they have saved more children?

Jefferson county's corrupted history with law enforcement? possible pedophile ring??
(Judi chase )also why is there such a large numbers of deaths among children with in
such a small area. possible Illuminati ties?

Possibility that Eric's house was searched by cops in April of 98..What did they find and if they did find weapons why didn't they do anything..

I know they were aware of Eric's plans and knew he had weapons so how and why was he let to commit this act?

why would he be givin such an experimental  medication when they knew he was homicidal and suicidal?

what do you think would be so revealing on the Nixion tape? why do you think law enforcement would seal it? is there possible incriminating evidence on those tapes against law enforcement? maybe he speaks of there pre-knowlede ?

what is the hole purpose for the cover up? simply covering there mistakes? or did they know enough before hand to prevent it? then it would be an event executed by law enforcement and Eric and Dylan.

also if this is true then what do you think would be the purpose of this?

with Jefferson County's not so clean or truthful history i think this is at least worth looking at.

eric's "fly CD" [20 Dec 2009|07:16pm]

hey all -- i'm fairly new here, and i haven't properly posted yet. so here i am. *waves*

anyway, i recently tracked down a copy of eric's "fly CD," being an album entitled bombthreat: before she blows by a band called, well, fly. it's been out of print for some time, it seems, so i've made the audio files available via torrent and megaupload (as a zipped file).

details are here, on my journal, along with all the lyrics (typed from the lyric sheet with the CD).


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Like we didn't already know... [14 Apr 2009|09:27pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]


(No pop ups or spam or anything. Well, at least not on Firefox which is what I have.)

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It happened again [11 Mar 2009|11:18pm]


Fifteen people have been killed by a teenage gunman who went on a rampage in south-west Germany, officials say.Among the dead were nine pupils, eight of them girls, and three teachers at the Albertville secondary school in the town of Winnenden, north of Stuttgart.

The gunman, a 17-year-old former pupil named as Tim Kretschmer, entered the school at about 0930 (0830 GMT) in black combat gear and began shooting.

He fled in a stolen car, but killed himself after being cornered by police.
Officers say he shot himself dead after being wounded by the police.

You can read the rest info here

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[15 Dec 2008|12:55am]


Does anyone believe another glorifier of Columbine may commit something this year, seeing as its been 10 years..? I noticed this community hasnt been talking to much and I would like to spark some conversations.

On a more personal note..Collapse )
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[21 Oct 2008|10:25pm]

i didn't say this is HarrisCollapse )
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effects of Columbine reports on other countries [13 Oct 2008|10:27am]

today I posted a perhaps interesting essay. would be nice to get feedback on this, or new members to the just opened community about school violence.

thanks in advance+kind regards :)
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animation [22 Apr 2008|03:52am]

Today I found this animated film on youtube

was it posted here before?

Erics Bday 2008 :) [08 Apr 2008|09:14pm]

Hey Guys!

I need you bday wishes for Erics Birthday :)
Like every year i'll bulid a Birthday Corner for him, feel free to post your wishes to me and i'll put them on my Site!


THX :)


Expressing interest [05 Apr 2008|06:38pm]

I am new to the community but I think you guys could really help me. 

In light of if it being April and all, I have to do a report on the Columbine shooting but everywhere I go it is all 'They were selfish massmurdiering selfish brats' and I dont want that information. I want the truth. I want my report to portray Dylan and Eric as human beings and sort of try and clear up some of the confusion about them. I know everyone else's reports are going to be about what they did, not who they were.

If anyone can give me any sort of information or direct me to someone/some site that doesnt relate to the shooting itself, it would be greatly appreciated. 

What those boys did was wrong, but i know if i were them, i would want to be remembered as a person, not a monster.
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Columbine Anniversary zine [04 Apr 2008|03:11pm]

Since it's April and only a few short days before the anniversary of Columbine, I've been contemplating on creating a zine about it. I have been wanting to create this type of zine for awhile and because it is nearing, I decided to go ahead with it and hopefully get it out and printed on time.

If you guys have any suggestions on what should be added or would like to write an article or send in some art work then please let me know♥
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Hello [26 Dec 2007|03:34am]


Just wondering if you agree with me when it comes to why people committ massacres.
(referring to my virginia tech massacre entry)

ps, im thinking about writing a similar entry about columbine

i would just like some feedback.

thanks anyway



Great article for all dissidents [28 Nov 2007|03:13pm]

'In every social and political group there is friction. Depending on how well the individual components unite under common values and goals, the amount of friction will vary between being a small differ in opinion to a large opposition that might cause a cataclysmic break down, tearing the community apart.

Our modern civilization in the West is currently on the verge of such a break down. A hollowed out culture, traditions whose original meaning has been lost and the values that once held our societies together have slowly disintegrated, leaving the individuals without a feeling of being a part of something larger that ultimately means more than their "individual worth."'

Interesting... read more here:


In honor of Dylan's birthday [11 Sep 2007|06:49pm]
Dylan's "morning ritual" as seen here on you tube- thought it was nice to show him during a happier time
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Happy 26 Birthday Dylan. [11 Sep 2007|06:18pm]

[ mood | tired ]

In my opinion,  he was very intelligent, and I think Dylan could have made a big difference if he wanted to. I mean in a positive way.. But it's too late for anyone who's dead. Short sweet and to the point:

I think he's interesting; and I have come across so many questions I wish I could have asked, who knows, maybe when I'm dead too.


It is not glorifying his actions of murder, but his thoughts and his goals. Regardless of what they were.

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Dylans Birthday 2007 [09 Sep 2007|11:49pm]

Hey Guys,
Dylan's 26th birthday is coming up!
Like every year Wekillemall.org will make another birthday corner for him!
Send me your birthday wishes to Dylan and I'll post them!




[14 Jul 2007|08:04pm]

Aw nobody has been chatting on here, well I made a new community with people who like anything involved with fictional horror, from zombies to aliens. Everything. There's nobody there yet though, so please someone kick start that. bloody_horror

So I was also thinking about something else..and even though it's a question nobody could possibly ever answer matter of factly, post your opinions anyway.. I think myself and others will find this interesting.

Do you believe if Eric Harris had a potential lover, more than just a 'high school relationship' it would have made a signifigant difference? Someone to absorb all his thoughts and feelings and pull him away from it slightly. People do indeed think he was going to do it no matter who his friends were, family loved him, everything..regardless. If he had someone for his own who more then completely 'swept him away'.. could it have changed the incident?

Before you post saying no, he had a girlfriend/s, he loved, he was still full of hate..obviously, that's because those girls did not do exactly what I'm stating, they didn't even come close. Just think about it for a few seconds before you post a stubborn comment sticking to no no no no..
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