colour lovers <3

we can't get enough colour in our lives

red orange yellow green blue indigo violet
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basic rules:
no spaming.
no adverts that have absolutly nothing to do with colour.
no flaming.
be nice. be friendly. or shut up♥


first off: if your on grestrestjournal join our 'sister' site of _colour_ also.

We love colour. In hair, on clothing, in our make up, on our body, every where!!

If you love colour everywhere and anywhere, you were born to be in this community!

To join you must fill out this form and and have a 70 percent majority vote of yes. The more creative your form is, the better your chance of getting in!
Add pictures instead to answer us if possible!

NOTICE!!! Once the mods notice you've joined you have 5 days to fill out a form!! You will be removed if you don't!

ALSO! there is only one rule and that is NO promoting in this community! We love you to promote us but please make sure the community you are promiting in alowes it. be kind!

the application

Favorite colour combo
Favorie things to wear
Favorite way to show love of colour
Three random facts about yourself.
& At least 3 pictures of yourself (one or more showing your face clearly) and one 100x100
*or close!* for the members page.

after all this members have 5 days to vote.

if everything goes well you will see this:

I'm a member of _colour_!

accepted banner made by plasticvirgins

it's encouraged!

you are welcome to copy and paste any of these codes into your user info.

banners made by homicideisgood


see whos in :
&see what got them in: