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Beautiful Little Girl ! [25 Nov 2008|04:28pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

That's right ! I had one !
I had her on November 14th at 1:39 AM
She was 8 pounds, 14 ounces
Her name is Cadence Sylvia Luce


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This saddens me. . . [21 Aug 2008|03:52pm]

[ mood | I have to pee ]

I know we've all grown away from posting in communities, and some of us even keeping up with our journals but this is sad. There should be more activity going on in here. . .

To hopefully spark some here are some new photos ! Everybody loves new photos !

Fat and FabulousCollapse )

[28 Apr 2008|02:28pm]

[ mood | cold ]

So I guess I got way to involved in myself there for 2 years and did a bad job at being a friend to this community. If you didn't know... I am the maintainer of this community. :( it makes me sad to see posts of people unhappy about the slow death of this place. If you guys really want this place back I will honestly try my hardest ever to fix what has been broken.

I thanks those of you who have been taking care too. You guys deserve this more than me and if there is a way to give you guys ownership I will (I don't know if I can or if I can how). So if you want to contact me do so and we can see what we can do about this place.

here is some random things I've enjoyed looking atCollapse )


Alive and Kicking [28 Apr 2008|04:51am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

So it's been months since I've even logged into LJ and it truly saddens me to see that there is still minimal activity going on in this community. I'm going through some serious life changes right now, including expecting a little one due in November and I have some photos that I am happy to share with you folks and hope that this place can bring some life back into it !!!!! ♥

A Few of The NewCollapse )


moddymoddmod [01 Dec 2007|04:13am]

hey everyone
i feel bad that this community is suffering! as a "maintainer" of the community, i'd love to see some more action.
therefore, i will attempt to do some advertisement. but we need to kick it back into gear!
get postin'! i wanna see the color in you ALL!

and remember to keep it colorful! ;)

Appreciate pink! [22 Oct 2007|12:57am]

I miss this community. Seriously. Come on people!

Here is my newly pinked hair and baby dreads.

Color is loveCollapse )

I too agree [10 Mar 2007|08:54pm]

This place should be active again! I havent posted here in forever so here is a giant loud of pictures for you
Pictures and stuffsCollapse )
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Application for fun! [10 Mar 2007|08:10pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

I agree with art_evolved , people don't post in here enough anymore. So, without further ado...

As always, if anyone wants to add me to their friends list, feel free to do so :)

SHAME ON YOU COLOR "LOVERS" !!!!!!!! [10 Mar 2007|10:01pm]

[ mood | Fweee ! ]

I find it VERY sad that NO ONE has posted, AT ALL !!!!

What happened??

(I think we should try to get more people in here maybe, or SOMETHING !!!)

Anyway, no more dread locks because I have this serious problem about keeping my hair the same, brand new colors, brand new piercing !!!

Rainbows Don't Kill People !Collapse )

{stamped} Community Revive Post Attempt! [28 Dec 2006|07:39pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Come on everyone! Lets make the community LIVE!

Here's a few random current pictures of myself and my boyfriend. Beware man chest.

Also, if anyone feels like adding me as a friend, do it! ^__^

X-Posted to other dead communities.
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Being Active and Stuff. [18 Sep 2006|04:59pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Sooo, I didn't resize all of those pictures and crap because I decided I would much rather spend the time off of work tripping on fungus...

But I do have some new pictures of some stuff!!

Let the Rainbows Begin!Collapse )

Alive. Barely. [15 Sep 2006|03:59pm]

[ mood | sick ]

I'm wicked sick and it sucks. I may perhaps take some of this time to catch up on all of my pictures and such.

Here's a little bip of a preview (:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

New Tattoo!!!Collapse )
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Gleeee! (pictures GALORE!) [18 Aug 2006|03:16pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Here's some new pictures!!!

I've just been taking too many pictures, I can't keep up with resizing and uploading them!!

I still have PLENTY more to post, just haven't gotten there yet (:

You know you love my crazy COLORS!Collapse )
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[12 Aug 2006|09:41am]

I looked at my old application (already a member) and thought due ot the fact that i am really bored I would redo it.
so boredCollapse )
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[ no subject ] [03 Aug 2006|07:50am]

[ mood | awake ]

I went from dark auburn to four different colours...

'Ruby Red' + 'Bold Gold' + 'Atomic Pink' + 'Mood Indigo'Collapse )

Excuse the shitty webcam pictures.
My digital camera is broken.

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look at me being wicked active!!! [24 Jul 2006|05:00pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

so really, my life consists of: colors, partying, my friends, and more color...

here's some recent partying

i like to color outside the lines when it comes to lifeCollapse )
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^^ vote for me? [20 Jul 2006|04:31pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Name: Well, my real name's Melissa. But everyone just calls me Meep!

Sex: ^^ I'm one of those vagina-wearing types

Age: 19 years young

Location: Dresher, PA. A kind of boring place with not too many interesting people.

Favorite colour combo: Rainbows, of course.

Favorie things to wear: My custom made pants: Black with neon stars and rainbow bondage straps.

Favorite way to show love of colour: wearing kandi bracelets, necklaces, anklets...any colourful accessories. I also love make-up! From glittery, to neon, to gothic.

Three random facts about yourself:
<3 I have found my soulmate <3
~*~I am obsessed with the Powerpuff Girls~*~
:) I love being barefoot (:

Peectuures :DCollapse )

Thank you for checking me out! I hope you like what you see. ::bows::


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some random pictures. [16 Jul 2006|08:49am]

Haven't posted in a while;
soo here it goes!

woo colors.Collapse )
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i hate not being active. and i'm not. [04 Jul 2006|02:51am]

[ mood | crazy ]

i will have pictures way soon though (:


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Life's just been such a trip.

i'm going to make myself be more active!


[stamped] Coloring Book [30 Jun 2006|09:21pm]

I was bored lastnight so I colored some pictures. I did one for my boyfriend and be better love it <333 hehe

Teddy Bear PicnicCollapse )

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