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Color My World- A Request Community

Colorbars, Banners, and More!

Color My World
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This community was created on the sole purpose of making colorbars and Friends Only banners; however, this may change if I get some talented members. *nudge* I may not be the most talented person in the world, so you don't have to tell me that if you are of the same opinion, as I do not want to hear it.

we are now making icons. Woo.

All resources on soundsofsilence's info.

Anyone is welcome to post their own creations! I'm always happy to adopt colorbars!

"We're given a code to live our lives by; we don't always follow it, but it's still there."

1. This community values diversity. No negative posts, comments, or commentary will be accepted. This is your FIRST AND LAST WARNING! Anything that is disrespectful of community members or those being discussed in posts will result in your banishment from the community. Please be respectful. If you don't like what's been made, don't say anything because i'm fragile .

2. EVERYTHING MUST BE UNDER AN LJ-CUT. Period. People, including me, don't like their friends lists to be clogged with huge pictures and the like. If you don't know how to make one, it's a simple thing.

<*lj-cut* text="put whatever you want here. preferably the subject of your post. or some nice lyrics and the like. ;)"*> now you put your colorbars, friends only banners or other creations in here. <*/lj-cut*>

Just take out the *s, and you'll be on your way to lj-cut happiness!

3. Again, please say what the subject of the post is. Simple as that.

4. If you post ANYTHING that is not yours, or you take something made in this community and claim it as yours, you will be eaten and digested slowly contacted. Please credit the maker in your user info, or keywords in the case of icons. (if there are ever any icons here.)

5. Always comment if you're taking something. It give the maker a chance to see what's being used. It's also a nice thing to do, as it lets the maker know that someone likes their work.

6. No hotlinking. Upload to your own server. I highly reccoment for a nice FREE place to upload creations. It's fast and easy.

7. If you are posting anything with slash or nudity, please say so in the lj-cut. (Though I hope I don't have to deal with that muchly.)

(Much thanks to the lovely magicwondershow for inspiration on the rules. *is not talented in those matters* These are QUITE similar to the rules of fangirl_heaven because...yeah well. YAY FOR magicwondershow!!!)

And because this community involves colorbars, I'm allowed to post my Inverted Pyramid of Talent, Hotness, and Love. These were all made by me. *smile*

Catherine and Rhianna Together is Sam 'n' Frodo Love.

I Love the 90s is Love

Sirius Black is Escaped Innocent Convict Love.

Werewolves are Love.

Sirius Black Love is *So Crazy!*

Gary Oldman is Evil Chameleon Love.

Evil Guys are Love.

Gary Oldman is Crazy Love.

Gary's Glasses are Love

Remus Lupin is Love.

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg is Love.

Grissom and Sara are Geek Love.

Norman Stansfield love is...whimsical today.

Léon and Mathilda are Illegal Love.

Hitmen are Love.

Elijah Wood is Love.

Patrick is Creepy Love.

Roast Chicken is Love.

Hobbits are Love.

So it's not a colorbar...I still made it, didn't I? Or, Gary Oldman is Love

I think we all know where my heart truly lies...

Layout courtesy of as I did not draw the flower. I only colored it...and added things. Brush by touchstone.