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+Name: jessica, slinky, honeykitten, i answer to just about anything you'd like to call me
+DOB: 10-22-85
+Location: conway, arkansas
+Favorite bands: modest mouse, massive attack, portishead, the yeah yeah yeahs, nine inch nails, hawksley workman, fiona apple, the velvet underground, the doors, led zeppelin, pedro the lion, the ramones...many more that i can't quite remember right now...
+What's currently in your CD player: the moon and antarctica by modest mouse
+Song of the Moment: "lives" by modest mouse or "ten miles high" by nine inch nails
+Why do you like emo: i'll be honest with you, i'm not really too keen on emo. about as emo as i get is something corporate. this just looked like a nice community that wasn't snobby and i do like to talk about all kinds of music. and i won't trash you or anything, i promise.
+How did you find this community: LJ search for "modest mouse"
+Anything else: nope, i think that's about it.

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