quinn (xoquinnox) wrote in _colormeawesome,

+Name:  quinn
+DOB: november 6, 1989
+Location:  upstate new york
+Favorite bands: the used, afi, boys night out, billy talent, taking back sunday, something corporate, elastica, HIM, hawthorne heights, my chemical romance, the spill canvas, the shins, trapt, underoath
+What's currently in your CD player: well my cd player is in my room, but i think its  'where you want to be' by taking back sunday
+Song of the Moment: 'nothing to loose'- billy talent
+Why do you like emo: it's something i can relate to, it makes me feel like i'm not the only one going through the problems i am
+How did you find this community: looking through the interest page and it seemed pretty cool here
+Anything else:  hmm... a pic...

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