October 4th, 2004

  • kayb_12

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After an exhausting day of school, I thought I could muster enough energy to actually cook for myself. I decided to throw some meat on the ol George Forman and some waffle fries into on the stove. Things were fine until I decided I wanted to fry some more fries....so what do I do? I grab a handful of frozen fries and throw them into the ultra-hot boiling pan of cooking oil. And then there were flames jumping into the air. Grrreat. Actually....it was more like, "OH SHIT!!!!!" I suddenly remembered my mom saying you should always have some baking soda nearby in case of a grease fire. So what do I do? I throw the flaming pan into my sink and turn on the water. It was still on fire, but it quickly put itself out. Thank god my smoke alarm is no where near my kitchen. That would be nice...having to explain to my leasing people why their building almost went up in flames. My bad guys. My bad.

But everything is fine now. I ate my dinner, cleaned up (well mostly cleaned up the mess in the kitchen) and now it's Pina Colada time. I love alcohol so much. Unlike a man, alcohol will always be there for you. No matter what kind of day you've had, it's there and waiting for you. Also...after you spend a bunch of money on it, alcohol won't tell you it just wants to "be friends". Thanks alcohol. I'll love you forever.