August 22nd, 2004


hey guys this is the first entry..hope some other people join so i dont look like an ass talking to myself

spread the word please i wanna get lots of people up in here kk
  • Current Music
    Bright Eyes- Lover I don't have to love

im already colored awesome

+Name: Taylor
+DOB: October 12, 1989
+Location: Georgia
+Favorite bands: taking back sunday, bright eyes cursive, boys night out lots more
+What's currently in your CD player: midtown
+Song of the Moment: lover i dont have to love
+Why do you like emo: lyrics and i can relate
+How did you find this community: i made it hahaha
+Anything else: join bitches

okay heres the deal...if you join post post post a lot...say lyrics or how you feel or just an update even if we dont know what you are talking about thats what this is here for so join and post