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Hello everyone


+Name: Briehton
+DOB: 05/21/88
+Location: Canada
+Favorite bands: Something Corporate, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, The Early November, Copeland, Armor For Sleep
+What's currently in your CD player: The Rooms Too Cold - The Early November, Affirmation - Savage Garden, Lonely For The Last Time- Seven Places
+Song of the Moment: "Silip Like Space" - Armor For Sleep
+Why do you like emo: I like "emo" music for many reasons. Mainly because I have always been one for romance and the lyrics in these songs just pull me in. I feel like most of the time I can relate to these lyrics of heartbreak and happiness. I love it when I'm listening to an "emo" band and the lyrics and music evoke a feeling within me. It's always amazing to me when that happens.
+How did you find this community: I think I found it by typing "emo" into the search bar.
+Anything else: I love the "emo" genre of music but I wouldn't really describe myself as "emo". There are aspects of the wya I dress and act that could be considered "emo" but I don't classify myself as that. Actually I don't really classify my style/attitude as anything.

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