fuck the leprechaun

and steal the charms

colorful as fuck
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This comm is now closed. Bye Fucker. Love ya.

...drum roll please mustache men...



+ you may post pictures of pretty much anything you want. please make sure if its something icky that you warn us & place it behind an lj-cut. if these pictures can get you arrested, please dont put them on here. porn is always enjoyed.

+ this is a WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT IT TO BE comunity. post pictures, leave rude comments to eachother, ask questions, talk about twincest assfucking, icon and graphic drop off of any kind, whatever the hell you want it to be about. MAKE IT YOUR OWN, BE CREATIVE.

+ if you are a newbie, you are required to make your first post telling us: (you dont have to if you dont want)
** who you are.
** why the fuck youre here.
** who sent you.
** alittle tid bit about you (something interesting that makes you who you are).
** draw (or find) a picture of a carrot and dedicate it to our friend Fucker.
** and leave a picture.

the picture doesnt have to be of you. it can be of anything you want.
Please make the Subject line: Carrots Own My Asshole!

+ age 18+ unless invited.


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