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ill miss you, fucker. you were one of the good parts to my depressing life.

live long and prosper.

Dis Would Be Paige Fucking Dempsey!!
I'm Here Cause I Motha Fuckin' Can Be && Love Dis Shit!
I CAME Myself.
--Shit;; Shit Like Dis Attacks Me Cause It's Like 'WHO GIVES A FUCK." No I'm Not 18+ Yet But I Got 2 More Years. But I Ain't Gonna Fuck All Dis Up Just Cause I'm A Little Younger.

carrots Pictures, Images and Photos

& ME!!

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-I Was Straight Wasted In This Picture && In My Boyfriend's Bedroom Don't Mind The Blood && No Crossing Tape On The Door.
[[But Pretty Good Pic For Being Drunk Huh?]]

Carrots Own My Asshole.

I was just sitting here eating carrots, and I thought of this community. Awww...