Corpse Bride

My personal graphics LJ.

I just created an LJ account for me to post my personal graphics. If you've seen and like my work, you can find all of my work here: crystalgraphics. I won't necessarily post all my graphics in this community but I will in my personal LJ so it's better if you check it on a regular basis instead of depending on communities to see my work. You can see all my "Friends only" banners, icons, and colour bars. You can also make requests there. So check it out! crystalgraphics
Corpse Bride

My new colour bar community!

I didn't see anything about promoting so I assumed that it was okay. I hope it is. If it's not, I aplogize and just delete this post.

Hey guys. I just started a new colour bar community recently. Right now it's only a few people and I'm busy posting my own 100+ colour bars. It's just a colour bar community where people can post thier own colour bars and make requests. It's still in it's beginning stages but I'm working on it. I'm also planning on having a weekly contest of some sort. So, to summerize, check out my community!