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_color_bar_geek's Journal

Want a color bar or icon? Let me make one for you
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Before taking a color bar, please read these rules and follow them:

ONE: Upload to your own server. I don't care where or how you do it, as long as you upload. If you don't know how, ask. There are several free servers out there, such as photobucket for example.

cut_colorbars has a tutorial on how to upload using Photobucket.com over here.

The reason this is so important is that my photobucket account has a limited bandwidth and once that gets exceeded for the month all the color bars, included yours, go bye-bye. So just don't hot-link, 'k?

TWO: Comment. I like to keep track of where the babies go.

THREE: Credit. It's already included in the code so basically, don't mess with the code. If you do, then I better see a "Made by [info]airgeadach" somewhere on your userinfo. If I start seeing my color bars all over LiveJournal without credit this community gets shut down. The same goes for my icons. I spend a lot of time making them. I would appreciate some credit somewhere in your user info.

FOUR: Post your requests behind an LJ-cut, especially if you have specific images you want me to use or if you want to show off a color bar of your own. Keep in mind if anyone wants to help fill color bar requests you're more than welcome.

(Props to nixcolourbars for their very useful rules)

Here is the format for requesting a color bar or icon.

Now, a bit about me.

I've always been a creative geeky person and love playing around with gimp and Photoshop. I enjoy making icons and colorbars and the more I make, the more experienced I get at it, meaning the more complex my creations get. If you're curious about the "real" me, I also have a regular journal.

I'm a bit selective about which requests I take though. I'm only willing to do interesting colorbars or icons. Don't be afraid to challenge me! I don't mind if you have your own images or don't, or specify your gradients or not, but if you just want another tiger or duck or rose colorbar, please go elsewhere- they've been done before. I don't mind if you're specific either, if you know which fonts you want or know exactly what wording you want. In fact, it makes my job easier, so go for it!

But if I decide not to do your colorbar for whatever reason, I will try to get back to you. And if I do decide to do your colorbar, I will try and have it done within a week (depending on how many requests I get and how specific you are).