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Icon/Colorbar/Manga page: Colorbar
Subject: the characters of Arthur and Lancelot (played by Clive Owen and Ioan Gruffudd respectively) from the 2004 film.
Pictures: I don't have my own pictures, but has some, just for a starting point.
Pictures Requested: Any are fine.
Picture ordering: The regular ordering is fine.
Text: Arthur and Lancelot are Love.
Gradient/Colors/Etc: Your choice.
Misc: Just no pics with Guinevere in them. *laughs* And thank you.
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Please read the rules in the profile info.

Currently taking requests for icons, colorbars, and recent edition: manga coloring. I'm new to this last one, so patience is required. But I'm eager for practice.

Please use the following form for your request:

If any of these fields are left blank, a generic, simple, RGB colorbar will be made. If an icon or manga page is requested without details, it will only result in longer delays.

Please remember to credit whatever you take. You can do so by using the following code:
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Back in production, so if you made a request and it didn't get filled, try again! I will be coming up with a specific form to use in the near future.

This will be have priority over new requests, but feel free to make those as well.
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Tokio Hotel colourbar request

Could somebody please, please, please make me a Tokio Hotel colourbar for my Tokio Hotel slash comunity I'm setting up?

I have all the images I need and I've resized them so they are all the same size and ready for colouring. But I don't have photoshop, so I can't do the rest myself.

If anybody feels like being an angel and doing this for me, post a reply and I'll link you to the images I want. Full credit will be give, of course.

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I thought you guys might want to know about a graphics program, based on The GIMP, that is free and emulates the look of Photoshop.

It's called GIMPshop, and can be found over at It's a free download, and does most everything that Photoshop and the other big guys does, but just costs infinitely less (as in: nothing!).

I've been using it for a while now to make icons and other small pictures, and thus far it's worked out well for me. Lemme know how you all like it.


Hi I was wondering if you could make me a color bar that says Crystal Light is Love

That'd be really great.

Also, I'm really technologically stupid, so if you could explain to me how to get it once it is made and be able to use it and all... that'd be really useful.

Thank you so much!