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hopelessfangirl's graphics journal
MOVIE: Moulin Rouge (6/28/2008) MOVIE: Lord of the Rings (6/28/2008) MUSIC: George Harrison (3/11/2007) TV: Lost (2/03/2008)

_collidingstars: the graphics journal of hopelessfangirl

TV: The Office [US] (10/12/2007) TV: Angel (6/28/2008) TV: Firefly (6/28/2008) TV: Supernatural (3/11/2007)

Hola amigos! Krys (hopelessfangirl) here. Welcome to my graphics journal! This place used to serve as a kind of syndicated LJ that was used in conjunction with Colliding Stars, my icon/wallpaper collective and archive site, to give notice of updates to the main site. Though Colliding Stars no longer exists since giving up my domain in 2005, its purpose lives on in this journal. Now, all of my icons, wallpapers and other graphics will be posted directly to this journal (hopefully) for your enjoyment!

If you'd like to keep track of updates to this journal, please feel free to friend it! Community membership is closed, as only I will be posting here, but feel free to comment or make suggestions! Feedback is like crack always welcome.

Also as a reminder: if you use any of the icons,
PLEASE CREDIT hopelessfangirl.
It's just polite. =)


I tend to make graphics for whatever my little heart desires, but here are the things my little heart desires most frequently:

  • Angel [♥]

  • The Beatles [♥]

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer [♥]

  • Celebrities

  • Cross-Fandom

  • The Daily Show/The Colbert Report

  • Doctor Who

  • Firefly [♥]

  • Friday Night Lights [♥]

  • Glee

  • Harry Potter

  • Lord of the Rings [♥]

  • Lost [♥]

  • Moulin Rouge [♥]

  • Movies

  • The Office (US & UK) [♥]

  • Saturday Night Live

  • Supernatural [♥]

  • Torchwood

  • TV

  • (Categories marked with a [♥] are predominant/big fandoms)


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