Genie (genie_lorene) wrote in _cogent_sage,

I'm game.

I consider myself a good advice giver, but then maybe I just like the sound of my own voice. I'd love to participate if you find me worthy. However, I would first like to have your thoughts on my problem. I have Lyme Disease and I am attempting to treat it herbally. It's been nine months and I don't feel one whit better--which isn't so unusual. On traditional antibiotic treatment people don't feel better until they are done with the treatment either. I'm just worried because I have no money, can barely work now (I HAD a moderately successful business before my symptoms escalated) no insurance, and no ability to get help with this (short of going on government aid which I am loathe to do) and I don't know if I'm on the right path with my treatment. I want to get better before any more damage is done to my body! Got any words of wisdom?
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