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_cndydollchall's Journal

Candybar Doll Challenge
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All Members , Moderated

This is a CandyBar doll challenge community. That means that I will be posting a picture, either from a movie or music video [all taken from cap_it]. Sometimes I may post a character description, and leave the look up to you. When I post the picture/description, you will have from that day until whatever day I said to end it, to post a new entry with your challenge entry under a cut tag. If I'm late posting the closing/voting entry, you can still enter your doll until I post the entry.


    - The title of the journal entry is the name/number of the challenge. If you want to enter more than one doll per contest, you can, but number them.
    - You have until I close the contest with the voting entry. I will put a deadline, but if, for some reason, I don't post to vote, you can still enter.
    - If this community becomes very popular, these rule may change.

    - When I post the voting entry, anyone can vote on the dolls. I'll link to the entries for that challenge, numbering them

~ Your mod, ryelle33

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