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Continue or Delete?

Okay, I know it seems like I died [I'm the mod in case you didn't know lol] but this has kind of gotten lost in the midst of college applications & all that [senior in high school] but all that's over now, & I need to know [since there's only been 2 entries for the contest in 3 months] should I continue with this community? or should I close it? if only, like, 2 people repond, I'm going to close it. So

Comment if you want me to keep this going!

& if you do, get more people to participate & I'll get a new challenge.
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Doctor Who - Laser Screwdriver

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Okay, since no one really said anything on the previous post, I decided myself.

Challenge #1 - The L Word [a showtime tv series]
In honor of the season premiere last night.
You can get your own pics from cap_it's memories - You might want to take care when looking though, as the show does have some adult content which may have been capped.
I think this might make it easier, as you'll have a choice in what character to make. You have to post the doll and picture you used as an entry to this community, not a reply to this. If the community gets more popular this will change, but until I say, post to the community. If you don't have an image host to post the pics, see the userinfo.
Rules - see userinfo.

I probably should've picked a more well known series, but I love the L Word, and it was the season premiere.

edit: There is no set deadline for this, but try to get a doll in as soon as possible, when I get enough, or no one's really entering anymore then I'll end it.

~ Your mod, Ryelle

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Doctor Who - Laser Screwdriver


Hello, Welcome to CandyBar Doll Challenge. The rules are in the user info, and I am taking suggestions for the first challenge.
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