Lost little boy, New York city,
Met him at a club, too pity,
Looked like a loser, lumped in litter,
So i gave him the gift of the glam and the glitter,
Then the SKROD stole my ideas!
Met by superficial stares and sneers,
But Disco 2000 changed his name!
alluring the sickley sense of fame.
Keoki, gitzy, brooke and freez,
Were his parasitic, following fleas.
Made him feel like he was famous,
Made him think his life wasn't aimless.
Club kid turned glitzy glamour queen,
That bitch has gotten way too mean!
Rats on crack attack!
Silly fag won't cut the smack.
Now it's gotten to his brain,
thickley wrapped in cellophane.
Theres something wrong inside that head,
Oh Look! Shit! now Angel's dead!
Used to dazzle every star,
mind messed and frazzled-lived the dream too far,
Money, Sucess, Fame, Glamour,
Earnt a lifetime in the slammer.

by pink.e-Spatt
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Maskara Time (I hope this is ok)

I'm sure many of you have heard already but Maskara is on October 5th at The Knitting Factory! It's hosted by none other than the fabulously dark and sexy Voltaire!

(Limey I hot linked)
I still have the ubber sexy postcard-y thing from last Maskara, I want this one too!! its hot. My point is posting this?
I will be in attendance as well!
Yup, I will be there, and most likely there will be copies of Sweet Angel, Suicide Kiss.
Which is offically done!
It's going through editing as we speak...Celebrate! Another book under my belt!! I seriously am so excited.
Spread the word childern!
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