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The Cloud Strife community

It's an unhealthy obsession - クラウド

Fandom of クラウド
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Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy VII
I see you've found _cloud_strife_. If you've realized by now, this is a Final Fantasy 7 community mainly focusing on the protagonist, Cloud Strife. The dude with the spikey chocobo hair. And glowing blue eyes. Who weilds a huge sword. Has a messed up past. And saved the planet from a silver haired psychopath and a meteor? Does that ring a bell? ...No? Shoo! Shoo! This community is not for you then, you nonbeliever! *hisses*

*ahem* As I have said before this community is _cloud_strife_, relatively small community for Cloud Strife fans (Hardcore fans, rabid fangirls/boys and/or just the average fanperson who loves Cloud for Cloud).
You can pretty much post anything about Cloud...Cosplay pics, fanart, doujinshi, fanfics, icons, eyecandy, essays, and in general the good stuff about Cloud, but only within reason:

1. No bashing or flaming Cloud or the community members. It gets annoying from time to time.

2. You have to have something related to Cloud in your post. "Ice cream is yummy" does not count. Strangely enough, "Cloud flavored ice cream" does count." o_O

3. Use a LJ-cut when...
- posting more than 3 images (100x100) or posting a big image (Over 500 pixels)
- posting a rant or long ramblings.

If you don't know how to make a LJ-cut, read the FAQ.

You can post shounen ai stuff, but stick in a lj-cut.

4. Be nice, and have fun.

Cloud is our Love.

Cloud is our Hero.

Show Cloud some LOVE.

Get hugs of your own