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___________________________________________CLOSER FANS
Welcome to _closerfans! The first livejournal group dedicated to the play Closer by Patrick Marber and the upcoming movie staring Julia Roberts, Clive Owen, Jude Law, and Natalie Portman. Feel free to discuss anything and everything Closer related including it's actors. We hope to become the biggest Closer community around so we'll need your help! Post your icons, news, graphics, fanfiction, or just start up a discussion! But most importantly have fun talking about this film.

____________________________________FILM/BOOK SYNOPSIS

Academy Award®-winning director Mike Nichols follows the triumphant "Angels in America" with Closer. An uncompromisingly honest look at modern relationships, Closer is the story of four strangers (Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and Clive Owen) their chance meetings, instant attractions, and brutal betrayals. It's an intriguing story of passion, drama, love, and abandonment involving two couples, which only gets more complicated when the man from the first couple gets acquainted with the woman from the second coupling.

____________________________________RULES AND GUIDLINES

001. Be polite and respectful toward other members. If there are any disagreements then keep it civil here at the community. Go fight via email or something. Let's not act like children here people! The first time you'll be warned but if you continue then it will result in your ban from the community.

002. Don't hotlink any images. For information on hotlinking please go here. Upload the files onto image hosting sites such as Photobucket.

003. Please put any large pictures/graphics behind LJ cuts. You should also use an LJ cut if you are posting a lot of pictures, icons, etc. Click here for information on LJ cuts.

004. When posting fanfiction please post a rating so people know what they are about to read.

005. Please do not promote your community here unless it's directly related to Closer or its actors. And by directly I mean d.i.r.e.c.t.l.y. Not a claims community or rating community.

That's all! Hope it isn't too bad. Just have fun!

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