Token (medusaofticun) wrote in _cliterati_,

The Dirty30 is coming!

Please repost widely

Enjoy a great show *and* support a great cause!

Mention "Dirty30" at the door for half off admission, *and* your money goes straight to Art Amok!

Lineup includes, but is not limited to:
Rachael, the Femme Mafia Donna MCing
Ms. Camellia Cuntwell
Dickie Van Dyke
Misty Fisty
Dapper Danny Darling
Coochie Gabanna
Mimi Larue
Fisty Femmecock
Wildy Ivy
S. Turner Schofield
Pee Wee Hymen and Mario
Al Schlong (he's a birthday boy)
DJ Hawg Tied
and the birthday bitch herself,  Ms. Vagina Jenkins!
<img src="" alt="" /><img src="" alt="" />
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