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Thursday, August 25th
kicks off Three Thursdays of features @ The Tower II :

8/25/05 SAM MARTIN~ modern primitive, punk fashion designer,
caretaker, shaman,humorist, graphic-novelist-storyteller,
leo leatherdykedaddy visits from Asheville, North Carolina with a lush drawl
that will have you buckling, laughing, and crying.

9/1/05~*Special show co-sponsored by Charis Books & More*
~CHARLIE ANDERS co-host of the best reading series in San Francisco, two
years in a row
"Writers with Drinks" and author of Choir Boy
~JESSICA MELUSINE akaHouri for Hire" zine writer, burlesque performer,
anthologized in Zaftig
~ANNALEE NEWITZ technophile, theorist, editor and columnist for ALTERNET
for an evening of queerness, takes on class, androids, sex, culture and

9/8/05~Dr. Madelyn Hatter
Come hear a bawdy performance poet & slam survivor so vulgar, she's been
from major chain bookstores everywhere. She's also been with the likes of
Andrei Codrescu in places like the National Poetry Slam and the Austin
International Poetry Festival

Finally, you won't have to keep track of Thursdays!!!~
All shows will happen @ The Tower II, 735 Ralph McGill Blvd.
Atlanta, GA
all show doors open at 8 with show & mic at 8.30
all shows are $5 for the artists
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