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One week from tonight!

CLITERATI hosts a double feature, one week from tonight

May 12th ~Lauren Sanders (Kamikaze Lust,
2000 Lambda Lit award winner) presents her new book With or Without You
from Akashic Books to great reviews.She's also one of the triumverates, along with Cheryl B., who criss-crossed the countryon the Jezebelles/GlamLit tour.
for reviews, check:
~Maggie Nelson
, whose
Jane  is a collection of poems on the 1969 murder of Jane Nelson, her aunt,
by a famous Michigan serial killer and the shadow it casts on the family's
psyche.Maggie has published two collections of poetry,
Shiner and The Latest Winter & has taught literature and writing at Wesleyan, the New School University, and Pratt Institute.
for more, browse http://www.softskull.com/detailedbook.php?isbn=1-932360-71-9

for directions: www.CliteratiOnline.com

@ The Tower II, 735 Ralph McGill Blvd.Doors open at 8, $5 for the authors

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