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She's been called a firecracker
a sweetheart
a captain
a queen of the group piece
a cowgirl
a preacher's daughter
a daredevil
a positivist
a def poet
a best friend
a feminist
and even a star like Janis Joplin meeting Sandra Cisneros........but her name is DAWN SAYLOR and she's bringing her tour NO SLEEP 'TIL AUSTIN to Cliterati this Thursday, April 28th, doors open at 8pm, $5 donation for the poet. She'll be pulling up her car named Sally, and pulling out her chapbook "The Janis Year"
and servin' it up to us, between her stop in Kalamazoo and the edge of Texas. We'll be welcoming her to the Dirty South, maybe even capturing sight of a rhinestone boot and doing a little two stepping afterwards.>}:-)
For more directions,
for her samples and journal ( aurorabell ) </span>updates from the road, browse

On deck we have Lambda award winning author of "Kamikaze Lust," Lauren Sanders and poet

Maggie Nelson double featuring on May 12th.

Spring has Sprung!
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