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Tomorrow Night, Poetry Month Continues with
(and the Surprise appearance of a Theater Friend)
featured by
Cliterati & Tower II
735 Ralph McGill Blvd
doors at 8
$5 donation
(more if you can less if you can't)
check for directions: http://www.CliteratiOnline.com

**Phoenix rises all around Atlanta as the co-host of House of Poets.
She performs her poetry and prose
with tremendous power,energy, and heart.
She's a poet's performance poet and an audience's darling.
Keep your eyes on her~she's a revelator!**

**Cliterati's Surprise Theater Friend has performed all around Atlanta and toured
this country (and others) to explore and defy gender (as well as the other usual suspects)
through performance and humor with distinctly Southern scenery, as well as charm and wit.**

Evenings on deck:
*Tranny Roadshow at My Sister's Room, April 21st*
*Dawn Saylor features, reads, signs, Cliterati April 28th*
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