October 21st, 2004




This is not your regular "dear john" letter, or even the one by that dread headed folksinger--no--this is to let you know how much we're looking forward to hearing you feature & seeing you in the flesh, at CLITERATI next Thursday,10/28/04. We'll be there at 8. We're really looking forward to hearing those stories again~about volunteering at camp trans, being a hall monitor/security guard at ww festivals, and maybe a few secrets about how you keep up your devilishly boi-ish appearance despite your ripening age of, what was it? Perhaps, at Cliterati, we can keep you at THE TOWER II until you turn twenty-four? Oh, we do have a request--please read Spank Me Jesus, would you? At least once? Then maybe we can commence with birthday---well, we'll see.
We love how your style is part slam stage, part country singer songbook and how you carry around all that vivid, metaphorical imagery under your buttery brown cowboy hat.You look so good in suede, worn leather &  that guitar slung on your back.
We've heard about all those gals up in Asheville swoonin' and croonin' after your last purrformances & we also know it's a long way from Gainesville Fla to get here.Please know that we'll do the same, we promise! We hope you enjoy all the readers on the open mic, too.
Adriana Chickness, Karen G., & the Cliterati crew!!!

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