October 11th, 2004


This Thursday!

Hey y'all,
The Next
is this Thursday

Bring out the bells and the **birthday cake**
celebrate 4 years of
and our fabulous feature
Theresa Davis!!!!

Theresa's been known to do more than one mic in a night, sometimes three, that's how dedicated she is to words around town. Really working it and getting herself out there, she's featuring on mics all over, and just when you think her performances couldn't get any sharper, there she goes again! Why, just last night, she came within a hair of solidifying her place in the semi-finals for the Atl slam team (and the competition was ridiculously good-- Adriana also kicked ass and came super close to the top two spots).
It's in her gene pool~ her mom is the amazing Alice Lovelace and her brother also performs, but her work is her very own, sharp and vivid,funny and politically biting, not to mention personal. She's a teacher and a livewire. As usual, you don't want to miss her in the event!

*unbelievable. lotsa magic,laughter,lust, and tears and simply amazing stories happen in that room & on that stage.stars and regulars made equal.what an education.suggestions on kinds of cake strongly advised.or it might be chocolate....if there is chocolate, it must all be eaten.
**yes, it's true, miss g.'s been in the same room at the same time, twice most months, for the best attendance record she has on anything.can she have a hall pass?
it's a humble honor to just be there in such good company.
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