May 28th, 2004


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The Next House Party!

Featuring Cheryl B., Sonia Tetlow, & Cliterati!

TONIGHT! 5/28, 8pm at The Old Poet's House 730 E. Lake Drive, three doors down from the Universal Joint in Oakhurst, Decatur.

Join the fray, dance your ass off, get up and speak, wish happy birthdays to Stacie and Shannon, and maybe we'll even be eating fire with that cake & ice cream!
If you were one of the many who missed out on the rockin' good time that was had by all at the Sini/Robo Fest of April then you already know not to make the same mistake twice. You're smart people, you've learned your lesson.
And those of you who were wise enough to attend the last shindig already know to bring your asbestos tongue, your razor wit, a few bucks for the performers, and your own booze.
See you there!

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