femqueer (femqueer) wrote in _cliterati_,


Just wanted to make sure folks got a chance to see this:

Femme2012: Pulling the Pieces Together is a multi-threaded conference and forum for those who think about, talk about, and create Femme as a queer gender and identity taking place August 17-19 in Baltimore, MD. We are currently seeking proposals for workshops, performances, visual art and films. We are also open for early bird registration. Scholarships and volunteer positions are available.  Please go to www.femme2012.com to learn more, and we hope you’ll join our community of femmes and friends!

We are invested in having Femme2012 continue to reflect the diversity and complexity of femme gender, identity, and contributions. We hope for this conference to be a community-building event, as well as an exploration and celebration of what it means to build and live queer femme identities. In particular, we hope that the intersections of femme with race, region, class, access, dis/ability, privilege, oppression, and marginalization will be talked about, given space, meditated upon, constructed, and deconstructed.

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