Galorious Herself (galorious) wrote in _cliterati_,
Galorious Herself

This Friday @ MSR!


  • Femme2012

    Hello, Just wanted to make sure folks got a chance to see this: Femme2012: Pulling the Pieces Together is a multi-threaded conference and forum for…

  • The Mafia Masquerade Ball!

    Don't miss THE MOST AMAZING QUEER PARTY OF THE YEAR! The THIRD ANNUAL Femme Mafia Masquerade Ball is coming- And time is running out to buy your…

  • ATL! The last Dixie Pistols Queer Burlesque Revue THIS SAT!

    If you've been dying to see me do my thing. Or really want to see how one can queer burlesque, then bring your ass! The 5 Spot is located next to…

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