Rough Day

Hey guys

Hey Guys... so yea this place has been dead... lets see if I can stir up some life around here lol.

Has anyone gotten to see the guys on their new tour? I don't live in Boston anymore so I haven't gotten a chance. What are your thoughts on the new singer? The new album? Pretty much anything.

I did pre order the album from newbury comics. If you do this online before it comes out you get an autographed booklet.
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Rough Day

More Tour Dates

Ok its been a while I know been busy... but anyways here are some more tour dates. I am going to the new york one if anyone else is going let me know maybe we can meet up ^ ~!

04/22 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Sunway Lagoon

04/28 Orlando, FL Universal Studios

04/29 Orlando, FL Universal Studios

05/03 Pittsburgh, PA Rex Theatre

05/06 Worcester, MA The Palladium

05/07 New York, NY Irving Plaza

05/19 Dallas, TX Wildflower Arts Festival

05/22 Trenton, NJ Sovereign Bank Arena

07/01 Hot Springs Village, AR Timberwood Amphitheater @ Magic Springs

07/08 Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee Summerfest

07/22 Tokyo, Japan Japan Udo Rock Festival

07/23 Osaka, Japan Japan Udo Rock Festival

07/27 Troy, PA Troy Fair

07/28 Bessemer, AL Visionland Amusement Park

07/29 Baton Rouge, LA La Dixie Landin'
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Rough Day

Its been a while...

This place has been pretty dead lately... sorry I've been busy. Anyways here are the tourdates coming up for Click Five. Don't miss them if they are coming to an area near you! I wish they were coming somewhere I am close to!!!

12/07/05 Charlotte, NC

12/08/05 Chicago, IL

12/09/05 Minneapolis, MN

12/13/05 Lowell, MA

12/14/05 Indianapolis, IN

12/15/05 Buffalo, NY

12/16/05 New York, NY

01/14/06 St. Louis, MO

01/15/06 Cincinnati, OH

01/16/06 Columbus, OH

01/18/06 Towson, MD

01/19/06 Philadelphia, PA

01/20/06 Providence, RI

01/21/06 Hartford, CT

01/22/06 New Haven, CT
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soooo no1s posted in a while sooo... did anyone catch "whats next" on the biography chanell on the 15th of this month? i havent checked tc5's site in a while and i just found this out so im wondering if it was even worth watching in the 1st place

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k on fuse on the show "oven fresh" th click five landed the #1 spot yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just thot id let u know

\m/ amberley \m/
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The Click Five's "Greetings From Imrie House" debuts at #15 on the Billboard Top 200! That's the HIGHEST charting debut by a new rock band in 2005!!! And this is only the beginning...

And dont forget to catch The Click Five's Arthur Ashe Kids' Day performance this Sunday, August 28 at 1pm EST on CBS (taping in NY this Saturday, August 27).

ummm yea most of u prolly read this @ the click's site but i just think thats so osm! so in case u didnt get 2 reading it... THERE YA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

\m/ amberley \m/

VOTE 2 GET TC5 2 #1 ON TRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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