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For All Lovers of CLASSIC ROCK! ♪

...we like that old time rock and roll...

Classic Rock
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About the Community
This community is for lovers of classic rock. We are a very friendly bunch and we'd love to have new members who share similar interests.

Just PLEASE do not promote communities unless it is music related.
And don't be rude. If you are continually insulting to other members, you will be banned.


moderator: biggiddyblam
10cc, 60s, 70s, 80s, ac-dc, ac/dc, acdc, aerosmith, allman brothers band, america, angus young, bachman-turner overdrive, bb king, beatles, billy joel, black sabbath, blood sweat and tears, blue oyster cult, blues, bob marley, bob seger, bon jovi, bon scott, boston, brian johnson, brian may, bruce springsteen, cat stevens, ccr, cheap trick, chicago, chuck berry, classic rock, cream, creedence clearwater revival, david bowie, deep purple, derek and the dominoes, donovan, edgar winter group, electric light orchestra, elo, elton john, elvis costello, eric clapton, fleetwood mac, foreigner, frank zappa, freddie mercury, george harrison, glam rock, grateful dead, guitar, guns n' roses, hard rock, heart, iron maiden, james taylor, janis joplin, jefferson airplane, jerry garcia, jethro tull, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, jimi hendrix experience, jimmy page, john bonham, john deacon, john lennon, john paul jones, kansas, keith moon, kiss, led zeppelin, lou reed, love, lovin' spoonful, lynyrd skynyrd, mick jagger, moody blues, mountain, music, neil young, paul mccartney, peace, pete townshend, peter frampton, piano, pink floyd, queen, ramones, retro, ringo starr, robert plant, rock, rock music, rock n' roll, roger daltrey, roger taylor, ronnie van zant, rush, santana, simon and garfunkel, steely dan, steppenwolf, steve miller band, stevie nicks, stevie ray vaughn, stevie wonder, styx, ted nugent, the animals, the beatles, the clash, the doobie brothers, the doors, the eagles, the guess who, the kinks, the monkees, the moody blues, the ramones, the rolling stones, the sweet, the temptations, the turtles, the velvet underground, the who, the yardbirds, tom petty, u2, van halen, van morrison, velvet underground, xtc, yes, zz top