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Classic Glamour

classic glamour
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This community is devoted to classic glamour. This is a rating community that judges people on personaility, poise, and love for the past. We want this community to be a place for people who are genuinely interested in classic glamour to express their glamour in many ways. Members can talk about their favorite classic movies and stars. They can share icons, colorbars, pics of their favorite classic stars, their classic glamour icons, and friends only banners. Members are also be able to read and rate interesting applications. You can be a member, too! All you have to do is convince us you have classic glamour.

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To be accepted you need to have at least 10 votes, with a majority of "yes" votes. However if both mods say no you shall be rejected.

If you get rejected 2 times, please do not apply again.

NO voting on other applications until you've been accepted.

Promoting other RELATED communities is okay, as long as you promote our community somewhere in exchange. For example, if you promote an old hollywood community here, you should take one of our banners and post it in a journal or community. Also we'd prefer it if you'd please put your promo under a cut if the banner is a bit on the larger side.

Have fun!!!!



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Favorite Movies (5+):

Favorite Books (3+) :

Favorite Music Artists (5+)

~About Yourself~
What are three of your talents?

What are a few of your obsessions?

How would you describe yourself?

How do you think others would describe you?

What makes you an individual?

Hold on your nearly to the end....

~Classic Glamour~
Favorite Glamour Icons and why:

What do you think makes you glamorous?

What is your definition of glamour?

Promote in three different places (show links)-

Where did you find out about _classicglamour

Post one 100x100 picture of yourself for the accepted/rejected list-

Post three clear pictures of yourself(you will not be rejected based on looks alone. This just assures us you're not some creepy old guy) -

promotion banners

i_dig_thepast & jules_creations

thewhiteglove & always_vivien

gwtw_forever & stamping_viv

vintageous & viviendesigns


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