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This is _claim_somethin & I'm your lovely moderator~ misscheeriokiss.
There are only a few guidelines here~
Don't be bitchy/rude, the basics. Don't promote your community here. You can claim however many things you want, claims are limitless. You may NOT claim something/someone etc. that has already been claimed on this community.
If someone, for example, claims the band 'Rancid', you may still claim Tim Armstrong or one of their songs. However, if someone claims 'Rancid and all of its members and songs' you may not.
Same goes for movies and people etc.....
Be very specific in your claims and everything should go along smoothly.

I (or one of my co-mods) regularly post a list of claimed shit.

ATTENTION: To have a claim and keep it, you must remain a member of the community. You may not just join, post, then leave. Claims are revoked once you leave the community!!!

If there are any problems feel free to contact me-misscheeriokiss. ~Happy Claiming!~