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.::Claim It All::.

claiming is fun!

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Have you ever seen those words on someones journal "I've claimed <insert name/object/thing here> at <insert community here>" and thought to youself "Wow, I'd like to claim xxx" only to go to the community and find someone has already claimed it? Or even worse, no community exists to support your claiming needs! For instance, you are sat at your computer thinking "Hmm. I'd really like to claim Cheddar as my favorite cheese", and then to your utter disgust, you find there is no community for claiming cheese! Whatever are you to do? I'll tell you what to do, you come right over here to _claim_it_all, and proudly announce to the rest of the world that you wish to claim Cheddar Cheese! And with that in mind:

Welcome to Claim It All

The idea of this community is for people to beable to claim anything and everything they want to, within reason, and so now we come to the rules:

[rule one] One person may make up to five claims. You can have extra claims if you make nice things such as icons or layouts for the community. You may also be rewarded with extra claims if myself or one of the mods feels like giving you them.

[rule two] Up to two people may claim any one item/object/person.

[rule three] Not only is obscenity welcomed, it is actively encouraged.

[rule four] However, if you feel the need to post pictures with nudity in, please put them behind an lj-cut with a warning, like so:
<lj-cut text="pictures containing nakedness within"> naked stuff goes here </lj-cut>

[rule five] NO POSTS ALL IN CAPS oR DisTOrtEd TeXT because it's a pain in the arse to read

[rule six] To show off your claims to the world, use a line similar to the following: I claimed <object> at _claim_it_all

[rule seven] You can claim anyone or anthing, no matter how weird, dead or made up that thing or person is.

You can see what's already been claimed here.

And your friendly mods for the community are:


Now go, go join, claim, and be merry!