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Hello there.

Ok, although I already claimed all of the Americas I would like to especially claim Yosemite so that nobody else has to go through the hell I went through in the disasterous place. The lack of internet was too much to start with but with all those hills and the fact that I had to climb loads of them! All I can really say is that I want to claim Yosemite so that I can make it computer and internet obsessesed friendly! Trams would also be helpful.

Loads a loads a luv, Ema n Orlando
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...Hello people..I would like to claim for one Inuyasha(anime character), marshmellows hehe, permanent markers, and er..ewan mcgregor!!!!!! oh sexy

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The Big Master List Of Claims

Here be claims. This is just a big list of who has claimed what. I've tried to put it in some kind of order, not very successfully, but it'll do.

Famous People

[*] Orlando Bloom - emma_bloom and emma_bloom
[*] Freddie Mercury - jen_sylvia
[*} Roger Taylor - jen_sylvia
[*] Brian May - jen_sylvia
[*] John Deacon - jen_sylvia
[*] Ewan McGregor - lonernlove
[*] Akira Kagimoto - burritos
[*] Tyler Hilton - undamaged
[*] Pete Loeffler - rockfaerie101

Fictional People

[*] Naked Dumbledore - jay_jubei
[*] Inuyasha - lonernlove
[*] Sakyo - elevation
[*] Itsuki - elevation

Real People

[*] emma_bloom - jay_jubei
[*] jen_sylvia - jay_jubei
[*] jay_jubei - emma_bloom


[*] India - jay_jubei
[*] Japan - jay_jubei
[*] Europe - emma_bloom
[*] The Americas - emma_bloom
[*] Antartica - emma_bloom
[*] Oceania - emma_bloom


[*] The Lonsdale cinema, Carlisle - jay_jubei
[*] Vue Cinemas - emma_bloom
[*] Yosemite - emma_bloom
[*] London - rockfaerie101


[*] Cows - jay_jubei
[*] Crows - elevation

Words and Punctuation

[*] Ellipsis (...)- jen_sylvia
[*] Asterix (*) - emma_bloom
[*] Broken Bar (¦) - emma_bloom


[*] Marshmallows - lonernlove

Random Stuff

[*] Nakkie time! - jay_jubei
[*] Permanant Markers - lonernlove
[*] Kyokou Geemu Forums - elevation


Ok, I have a list!

I would like to claim:

1. Nakkie time!
2. Naked Dumbeldore!
4. The Lonsedale cinema for my own reason *moo hahaaa*
6. India
7. Jenni and Ema!


ok, all done!

thanks for making me a moderooney!
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Blue dress


I'm in California! Hey people! Guess what, the @ button and the " button are the wrong way round on this keyboard! How complex is that! It's also quite deep! Plus, it's 8:03pm right as I'm writing this sentence! I find that quite exciting really because I kno for a fact that right now it's 4:04am! Therefore, I hope nobody is reading this otherwise you will be officially declared as sad! S....A....D!

Anywho, I would like to declare that I would like to claim Orlando Bloom in all situations (including wet Jonny) and I would like to declare this twice! Now I knows that in the rules it says that two people can claim an object but come on Jen! This is me we're talking about! I'm pure minted like!

So there you go! That's the end of my post! You'd better start e-mailing me! I come on the internet and find that I have absolutely NO e-mails from you people! What's up with that! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

Anyways, toodles!

Loads a loads a luv, Ema n Orlando
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Welcome to the community! For an explanation of this whole thing, look on the user info page. Being the maintainer and owner of this here thing, I'll take it upon myself to make the first claim in the community:

I, jen_sylvia, from this day henceforth, claim Freddie Mercury.

Dunno why I said it like that. I could have made it much more simple, but I thought, you know, this is a momentous occasion, being the first ever claim, so it had to be special.

Happy claiming!
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