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Hey all.
Have you ever been watching a movie, only to have your parents make you turn it off, or maybe you had to go somewhere, or anything.
How about a television show. Have you ever been addicted to a series, but had to miss a show, so you were dying to know what happened?
Or maybe you want a place where you can go to talk about almost anything.
well, i have the perfect place for you.
It has all ove the above and more!  Please help spread the word!

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- My other personality - Shylo brite ( I will be making an LJ for it) yes i'm that weird
- Kate Moening
- Diet Dr Pepper
- Kate spade handbags
- Jessica Simpson
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Hey Jen!Thought I'd try and claim some things. I would like to claim Indie and Rock music plus Athlete, Embrace and The Pianist. Now that we're on the subject I would like to claim the penis and breasts. Thanks! Hehehe! I feel so dirty!

Loads a loads a luv, Ema n Orlando

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Ok, i want to claim reality! WOOT! Then i also want to claim the Killers. The last thing-for now-that i want to claim is California-if i can. if not then owell. ok thats all for now.
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I would like to claim Sakyo of the anime Yu Yu Hakusho, as well as Itsuki from the same. Also, adding crows to that list, and Kyokou Geemu Forums would be greatly loved.

Thank you.
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I'm going to claim Roger Taylor, Brian May, and just to make it a full set, I suppose I'll claim John Deacon too.

Oh, and:

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