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~Claim A Word~look at the rules before you claim~

<3 the place to claim the word you love <3

Claim a word
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Yes! This is yet another claims community. I notice claim_a_word got deleted and that there was no other claims community dedicated to words. So here it is.


1. You can only claim up to; two words or two phrases or one word and one phrase
2. You must check the claims list before you claim
3. You can't claim an already claimed word. (Get my drift...?)
4. Claim words in posts. If you claim in a comment, it's not going on the list.
5. No abuse towards other users.
6. No advertising.
7. If you decide to leave, you give up your claims. They will be deleted from the list. To help me, please tell me when you are leaving and what words you're abandoning.
8. No talking back to the mods; they're just doing their job.
9. Do not comment asking when the claims list will be updated unless it has not been updated in a month.

Thank you.

This community takes no responsibilty of the words claimed by individual users.

Please don't comment asking how to join or post in this community. To join, click here. To learn how to post, click here.

The claims list will be updated at least every month. People who comment asking when the claims list will be updated before the month is over will be banned. But I will try and update more than just every month.