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buhbye~ D:

I'd just like to inform the mod that I would be leaving the community. I'm giving up the words Adorable and Zenith. Thanks. :)

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Claims List

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Any mistakes I've made, feel free to comment ^_^ Odds are that there will a bunch because I used Word, and it likes to randomly add spaces and spell words correctly.

The claims list will be updated at least every month.

People who comment asking when the claims list will be updated before the month is over will be banned. But I will try and update more than just every month.

Please don't comment on this post claiming words, it states clearly in the userinfo/rules that all claims must be claimed in a post. This is because it is not likely I'm going to check comments, so they will be missed off the claims list if they're comments.

One more thing. When you leave please tell me that you‘re leaving and which words you‘ve claimed.