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Claim A City!

Claim A City
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All Members , Moderated
I'm sure that everyone has visited a city/small town/metropolitan area that they have absolutely fallen in love with somewhere in this world.

This community's purpose is to allow you to lay claim to your favorite city or cities. Your moderator is darina.


1. You must be a LiveJournal user. Naturally, or how else are you to post here?
2. You must check against the claims list to see whether or not your city has been claimed.
3. If your city has been claimed, then you may politely ask the person who has claimed the city to see if they will relenquish it to you. If so, I must see a post from both of you stating this.
4. You must include state/province and country with your city for it to be processed.
5. You do not have to have visited that city to claim it.
6. If you change your LiveJournals and intend to keep your claim, you need to first post as the old LiveJournal saying that you are moving to a new journal.
7. Your city does not have to be real. You may claim cities from movies, books, and the like. But you must specify the medium if the city is not real.
8. Your posts must be in alphabetical order. They must also have the full state/province/country written out. For example, if you claim Austin TX, Verona Italy, and Memphis TN, then your list should look like this:
Austin, Texas, United States
Verona, Italy
Memphis, Tennessee, United States
There will be a one-strike policy on non-alphabetical order/abbreviated states and provinces.
9. After the mod posts in this community stating that all claims are up to date, please go to both the Claims List and the Number of Claims per User lists to make sure that:
a. your claims and usernames are spelled correctly. I am human, after all.
b. you have not been undercredited or overcredited (I have that second list up to make sure that people get the correct number of claims. Check to see that if you claimed four cities then the number next to your username in the second list goes to four. Please do not cheat the system. Be honest. If you want more claims, all you have to do is ask and I will send you on a minor errand [something small like icon creating/hunting, nothing dangerous or illegal])
10. This one is not really a rule, but it's a very strong suggestion: promote your community! Be proud of the community you are in and let everyone you know know that this community is here.
11. New Rule: You must state in your user info that you have claims in this community, you do not have to list everything you have claimed unless you wish to do so, just the community name is good enough.


1. Everyone gets five claims.
2. If you really *really* want another one, contact the moderator
(darina) to find out how.

So that's about it. Generally five claims for each user.

Thanks, and happy claiming!