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Circle Journal's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Circle Journal

This community was created by daisygoddess for all of the scrapbookers out there. She thought it would be neat to have a themed scrapbook that others could contribute their work to!

1. When I Wish Upon A Star
2. Music
3. Scrapping Techniques
4. Because words are all I have to take your breath away...

1. Untitled - By daisygoddess Current status: josie6996
2. "Oh, The places you'll go!" - By prozackisyummy Current status: unknown
3. Untitled - By bambam3988 Current status: mallymaesmama
4. "Remembering When..." - By snickeringange1 Current status: unknown
5. "Because words are all I have to take your breath away..." - By eschroder Current status: unknown
6. Scrapping Techniques - By eschroder Current status: unknown
7. Your Place in the World - By spiral_moon Current status: augustar
8. Pets - By kehloka Current status: unknown
9. Friends For Life - By crazybabyinlove Current status: augustar
10. "When I Wish Upon A Star" - By daisygoddess Current Status: unknown


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Kiwi Travel Circle Journal [Apr. 02, 2007 ~ 3:26pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

seestephgo gave me the idea (thanks!) and I'll be sending my toy kiwi around the world. What I'd like is for you to take him to various landmarks, places of interest etc in your part of the world and photograph him there. Then scrap those photos with journalling about his visit to your part of the world. I'll start, as I'm heading to NZ's Coromandel Peninsula (to a lovely area called Kuaotunu) over Easter.
I'd like the participants to send the kiwi on to the next person, then mail me their finished pages. And either the participant or I will post the photos/pages up here, to keep interest alive...not to mention this community! :)
Anyone interested? I'll probably include my mother (in South Korea) and my sister (in London), so there's three of us to start with. Any takers? It'll be 12x12 and there is no limit on the number of participants. Register your interest by commenting on this entry.

theroadtoelle - Auckland, New Zealand - Rcvd, sent
nzmaudlet - London, England - Rcvd, sent
judithh1 - Durham, England - Rcvd, sent
Reminisce_nessy - Isle of Man, England (scrapbook.com) - (didn't return my emails)
Rita - Incheon, South Korea
Yholee - Lucena City, Quezon Province, Philippines (scrapbook.com)
seestephgo - Atlanta, Georgia, USA
AtlantaGal - Atlanta, Georgia, USA (scrapbook.com)
spoonerchic - Fruitland Park, Florida, USA
Rileysmom06 - Florida, USA (scrapbook.com)
3DCaliGirl - California, USA (scrapbook.com)
Syn Palmer - Colarado, USA (scrapbook.com)
Mstook - Ohio, USA (scrapbook.com)
AmandaScrapper - Texas, USA (scrapbook.com)
Coretta - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (scrapbook.com)
NICALSMOM - North Carolina, USA (scrapbook.com)
DaMomma - Missouri, USA (scrapbook.com)
Glory_2004 – Missouri, USA (scrapbook.com)
Twinstrimom - Show Low, Arizona, USA (scrapbook.com)
Mom2CamiandReese - Pennsylvania, USA (scrapbook.com)
Brewerygirlmel - Pennsylvania, USA (scrapbook.com)
Cajncutie - Kentucky, USA (scrapbook.com)
Glyndamw - Washington, USA (scrapbook.com)

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[Mar. 12, 2007 ~ 2:09am]

I'd like to make a different kind of circle journal...

First, I'll explain what it's for:

Early last week, my grandfather called in tears saying that he had called 911 and that my grandmother wasn't breathing. We met my them at the hospital and she's been there ever since. They moved her last night, after a bad coughing fit, into the ICU and had to put her on an oxygen bypass machine this evening.

She has a condition called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD brought on my cigarette smoking. The 50+ years of smoking has caused her to develop asthma and chronic bronchitis, which has slowly deteriorated her lungs. She will have to be on an oxygen tank for the rest of her life. She's worried, scared, and just really down about the entire ordeal. She's upset and really needs something to help keep her going.

This is where the circle "journal" comes in.

I'm going to buy a journal and I'd like to send it out to as many people as would like to participate. I'll do the spread on the first few pages, but after that, it's free reign for you guys. I want it to be kind of a "get well card" journal filled with pages and pages of hopes for her to get well and inspiring quotes and things like that. I think she'd love reading something like that and would be especially touched that strangers would take the time to do it for her. Also, if people are interested, when you get the book, you could pass it around to friends and family and allow them to do pages in it before sending it to the next place it so that it will thicken it up a bit :)

If anyone's interested, please comment asap, as I'd really like to be able to get the book back by the first of May, but still have a lot of pages.


Because of the amount of interest, I made a community specifically for this and the other similar requests I made. Please feel free to check it out here:
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Pet Scrapbook! [Feb. 10, 2007 ~ 4:35pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Okay, heres the sign up for the pet circle scrapbook. Comment if you would like to be added, and please mail your mail and addresses to greenmm921@yahoo.com

Thank you! I am super excited about this circle!

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New Circle! [Feb. 08, 2007 ~ 4:07pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I was wondering if there are still people interested in doing the circle journal? I wanted to host one of there were people still interested... no one seems to be involved in this community anymore... :( Anyway I was thinking of doing one on pets! Let me know if anyone is interested!

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Hello? Is there anyone there? Hellooooo?? [Nov. 09, 2006 ~ 4:26pm]
Hey guys, this community seems to have dwindled away! Where are all the books? Anyone want to start any new ones? I like this community, don't let it die!!

I made pages for the 'Your place in the world' one because I was so excited about it coming round. I think that was over a year ago. It hasn't got round to me yet. My two were both definitely sent out over a year ago. Last I heard they were still in circulation though, and neither had actually gone missing, so that's definitely a good thing.

What do we need to do to get this community going again? Start some more books? Finish some so we can post pics of completed, successful books? I'm not the moderator, but I really enjoyed participating in the ones I have so far, and I'd like to do more. Can we get this community going again??
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??? [Sep. 01, 2006 ~ 1:08am]

Anyone out there know where "When I Wish Upon a Star" is?? I signed up for it almost a year ago, and was supposed to be 4th in line, but I never got it...is it lost in space?
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MOD UPDATE [Aug. 29, 2006 ~ 2:30pm]

[ mood | determined ]

This community has been kind of slacking lately. I know I have two books out there and have no clue where they are.

Has anyone actually gotten a book back yet?

If you have someones book right now, please post which one it is!! Lets try to get this thing moving again!

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[Aug. 07, 2006 ~ 11:59pm]

Just out of curiosity.... who has the "Friends for Life" journal. I would love to know where it's at! =) THANKS!!!
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FINALLY! [Aug. 06, 2006 ~ 10:47pm]

I can't tell you all how long I've been looking for a good circle journal...well...anything! I'd LOVE to join someone's circle! I'd also love to start one! I'd love to start a "Sketchbook Journal." Anyone interested? What do I do from here?

EIIIII! [squealing from excitment!]
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[Jun. 15, 2006 ~ 12:24pm]

Just wanted to check on my journal. It's been almost a year (I think) that it was first sent out. I know mallymaesmama was the last to have it. I was wondering if the journal could "complete the circle" at least so it could get back to the owner and I could post some pictures. I would really like to know how it's going, etc.

email=liza1nyc@aol.com for return address if needed, etc.
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