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Kiwi Travel Scrapbook - update

I was staying in Kuaotunu on New Zealand's Coromandel Peninsula for 10 days - the Easter weekend and the first week of the school holidays. So I took some pics of the kiwi and thought I'd share them.

These are taken overlooking Gray's Beach, near Kuaotunu. I can't decide which pic to use! Suggestions welcome!
Kiwi on park bench in Kuaotunu, Coromandel Peninsula, NZ Kiwi on park bench in Kuaotunu, Coromandel, NZ

These pics were taken from the deck (verandah) of the bach (holiday home) that we were staying in. So they're overlooking Kuaotunu. Again, I can't decide which one I like best, but I'm leaning towards the colour one, rather than the sepia one. But suggestions welcome...
Kiwi on bach deck, Kuaotunu, Coromandel, NZ Kiwi on bach deck, Kuaotunu, Coromandel, NZ

I was trying to take some as we were driving through various towns, but they didn't turn out. It's really hard to get far enough away from the car window to get a decent shot of the kiwi and the scenery!! I did get this shot as we were driving towards Tairua... Not sure if it's worth using though...
Kiwi on dashboard, Coromandel, NZ

I want to take some shots in West Auckland and maybe central Auckland, then next stop is probably London, England! Eek, how exciting!! :D
theroadtoelle - Auckland, New Zealand - Rcvd, sent
nzmaudlet - London, England - Rcvd, sent
judithh1 - Durham, England
Reminisce_nessy - Isle of Man, England (scrapbook.com)
Rita - Incheon, South Korea
Yholee - Lucena City, Quezon Province, Philippines (scrapbook.com)
seestephgo - Atlanta, Georgia, USA
AtlantaGal - Atlanta, Georgia, USA (scrapbook.com)
spoonerchic - Fruitland Park, Florida, USA
Rileysmom06 - Florida, USA (scrapbook.com)
3DCaliGirl - California, USA (scrapbook.com)
Syn Palmer - Colarado, USA (scrapbook.com)
Mstook - Ohio, USA (scrapbook.com)
AmandaScrapper - Texas, USA (scrapbook.com)
Coretta - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (scrapbook.com)
NICALSMOM - North Carolina, USA (scrapbook.com)
DaMomma - Missouri, USA (scrapbook.com)
Glory_2004 – Missouri, USA (scrapbook.com)
Twinstrimom - Show Low, Arizona, USA (scrapbook.com)
Mom2CamiandReese - Pennsylvania, USA (scrapbook.com)
Brewerygirlmel - Pennsylvania, USA (scrapbook.com)

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