Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote in _circle_journal,

Kiwi Travel Circle Journal

seestephgo gave me the idea (thanks!) and I'll be sending my toy kiwi around the world. What I'd like is for you to take him to various landmarks, places of interest etc in your part of the world and photograph him there. Then scrap those photos with journalling about his visit to your part of the world. I'll start, as I'm heading to NZ's Coromandel Peninsula (to a lovely area called Kuaotunu) over Easter.
I'd like the participants to send the kiwi on to the next person, then mail me their finished pages. And either the participant or I will post the photos/pages up here, to keep interest alive...not to mention this community! :)
Anyone interested? I'll probably include my mother (in South Korea) and my sister (in London), so there's three of us to start with. Any takers? It'll be 12x12 and there is no limit on the number of participants. Register your interest by commenting on this entry.

theroadtoelle - Auckland, New Zealand - Rcvd, sent
nzmaudlet - London, England - Rcvd, sent
judithh1 - Durham, England - Rcvd, sent
Reminisce_nessy - Isle of Man, England (scrapbook.com) - (didn't return my emails)
Rita - Incheon, South Korea
Yholee - Lucena City, Quezon Province, Philippines (scrapbook.com)
seestephgo - Atlanta, Georgia, USA
AtlantaGal - Atlanta, Georgia, USA (scrapbook.com)
spoonerchic - Fruitland Park, Florida, USA
Rileysmom06 - Florida, USA (scrapbook.com)
3DCaliGirl - California, USA (scrapbook.com)
Syn Palmer - Colarado, USA (scrapbook.com)
Mstook - Ohio, USA (scrapbook.com)
AmandaScrapper - Texas, USA (scrapbook.com)
Coretta - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (scrapbook.com)
NICALSMOM - North Carolina, USA (scrapbook.com)
DaMomma - Missouri, USA (scrapbook.com)
Glory_2004 – Missouri, USA (scrapbook.com)
Twinstrimom - Show Low, Arizona, USA (scrapbook.com)
Mom2CamiandReese - Pennsylvania, USA (scrapbook.com)
Brewerygirlmel - Pennsylvania, USA (scrapbook.com)
Cajncutie - Kentucky, USA (scrapbook.com)
Glyndamw - Washington, USA (scrapbook.com)
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