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Circle Journal's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Circle Journal

This community was created by daisygoddess for all of the scrapbookers out there. She thought it would be neat to have a themed scrapbook that others could contribute their work to!

1. When I Wish Upon A Star
2. Music
3. Scrapping Techniques
4. Because words are all I have to take your breath away...

1. Untitled - By daisygoddess Current status: josie6996
2. "Oh, The places you'll go!" - By prozackisyummy Current status: unknown
3. Untitled - By bambam3988 Current status: mallymaesmama
4. "Remembering When..." - By snickeringange1 Current status: unknown
5. "Because words are all I have to take your breath away..." - By eschroder Current status: unknown
6. Scrapping Techniques - By eschroder Current status: unknown
7. Your Place in the World - By spiral_moon Current status: augustar
8. Pets - By kehloka Current status: unknown
9. Friends For Life - By crazybabyinlove Current status: augustar
10. "When I Wish Upon A Star" - By daisygoddess Current Status: unknown


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[Jan. 02, 2009 ~ 6:59pm]


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Update... [Mar. 23, 2008 ~ 9:50pm]

So i'm just poking my head in. I've been a bad mod and truthfully have forgotten about this community.

So my question. Is anyone still doing this? Is anyone still sending scrapbooks around? Has anyone gotten a scrapbook back?

I have 2 out there somewhere. Sadly the people who i knew had them last wont return my messages.

Let me know... :) And sorry for the neglect.
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Love and Romance Journal [Oct. 28, 2007 ~ 11:38pm]


I'm looking for Romantic ideas. What have you done to romance your mate, or has your mate done something truly romantic. I want to know all about it. I'd like to see love letters, poetry, quotations, anything goes. (Just keep it clean)

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Circle journals nearly finished!! [Oct. 29, 2007 ~ 7:54am]
Okay, both my journals (Scrapping Techniques and 'Words Are All I Have To Take Your Breath Away) are with the last person - zionspoet. Not long before they return to me. Crazy! I think it's been two years since I sent them out! I can't wait to receive them and scan all the pages so you can all see how they turned out.
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Circle Journal [Oct. 25, 2007 ~ 10:46am]
[ mood | worried ]

zionspoet - could you PLEASE let me know if you've received either of my circle journals? I know at least one of them has been sent to you, so if you haven't recieved them, they've been lost in the post. :( Please let me know!

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Hello from a newbie [Oct. 24, 2007 ~ 1:38pm]

Is this community active? 
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Kiwi Travel Circle Journal [Sep. 06, 2007 ~ 6:21pm]
Here is a page I made for the Kiwi Travel Circle Journal:
Click here to see it.Collapse )

And here are some pics of Kiwi in London taken by nzmaudlet that I haven't had a chance to scrap yet:
Click here to see them.Collapse )
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Scrapping Techniques & Words Are All I Have To Take Your Breath Away [Jun. 24, 2007 ~ 3:19pm]
It looks like the Scrapping Techniques circle journal is with the last person! Anyone else want to join in before it comes back to me?

And the Words Are All I Have To Take Your Breath Away journal is just about to go to the last person, so any takers on that one? Poor zionspoet ended up the last person on both journals and will be stuck sending them both back to New Zealand. Sorry zionspoet!

It's funny actually, how much I've learned since I sent those circle journals out. It's been about two years (two years?!) and my scrapping has evolved so much since then!! When they do return, I'll post pics for you all. Ooh, how exciting!!
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Circle journals [Jun. 17, 2007 ~ 7:31pm]
So, where are all the circle journals???

I know the Kiwi Travel one is with nzmaudlet in London, England.

The Because Words Are All I Have To Take Your Breath Away one is with crazybabyinlove in Florida, USA. I can't get hold of house_of_bone to get her postal address. If I don't hear from her soon, we might have to skip straight to zionspoet.

Who has the Scrapping Techniques one? Is it still with snickeringange1?
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Kiwi Travel Scrapbook - update [Apr. 16, 2007 ~ 1:17pm]
I was staying in Kuaotunu on New Zealand's Coromandel Peninsula for 10 days - the Easter weekend and the first week of the school holidays. So I took some pics of the kiwi and thought I'd share them.

These are taken overlooking Gray's Beach, near Kuaotunu. I can't decide which pic to use! Suggestions welcome!
Kiwi on park bench in Kuaotunu, Coromandel Peninsula, NZ Kiwi on park bench in Kuaotunu, Coromandel, NZ

These pics were taken from the deck (verandah) of the bach (holiday home) that we were staying in. So they're overlooking Kuaotunu. Again, I can't decide which one I like best, but I'm leaning towards the colour one, rather than the sepia one. But suggestions welcome...
Kiwi on bach deck, Kuaotunu, Coromandel, NZ Kiwi on bach deck, Kuaotunu, Coromandel, NZ

I was trying to take some as we were driving through various towns, but they didn't turn out. It's really hard to get far enough away from the car window to get a decent shot of the kiwi and the scenery!! I did get this shot as we were driving towards Tairua... Not sure if it's worth using though...
Kiwi on dashboard, Coromandel, NZ

I want to take some shots in West Auckland and maybe central Auckland, then next stop is probably London, England! Eek, how exciting!! :D
theroadtoelle - Auckland, New Zealand - Rcvd, sent
nzmaudlet - London, England - Rcvd, sent
judithh1 - Durham, England
Reminisce_nessy - Isle of Man, England (scrapbook.com)
Rita - Incheon, South Korea
Yholee - Lucena City, Quezon Province, Philippines (scrapbook.com)
seestephgo - Atlanta, Georgia, USA
AtlantaGal - Atlanta, Georgia, USA (scrapbook.com)
spoonerchic - Fruitland Park, Florida, USA
Rileysmom06 - Florida, USA (scrapbook.com)
3DCaliGirl - California, USA (scrapbook.com)
Syn Palmer - Colarado, USA (scrapbook.com)
Mstook - Ohio, USA (scrapbook.com)
AmandaScrapper - Texas, USA (scrapbook.com)
Coretta - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (scrapbook.com)
NICALSMOM - North Carolina, USA (scrapbook.com)
DaMomma - Missouri, USA (scrapbook.com)
Glory_2004 – Missouri, USA (scrapbook.com)
Twinstrimom - Show Low, Arizona, USA (scrapbook.com)
Mom2CamiandReese - Pennsylvania, USA (scrapbook.com)
Brewerygirlmel - Pennsylvania, USA (scrapbook.com)

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