Fire! Fire!

That's your news for today...

For any of you who have a myspace account. Head on over and check out Simple Plan's page. There's a special video for all their friends/fans.

Pat put a video together for 'Perfect World' and it shows a bunch of footage from past concerts. Most of the concerts were Canadian dates (mostly the London/Toronto show) but there are also some American shows too. So head over and Check. It. Out.

The fun part is trying to find yourself in the crowd. I found me. lol

(I circled myself)
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Hey, it's me, Jackie, aka 1youlove2hate, aka _vamppyro_, aka the maker of this community so long ago. Lol. I heard H-Bomb reopened and I decided to check it out.

NAME: Jackie
AGE: 17
LOCATION: Ontario, near leggybowtwanger
FAV. BANDS: Simple Plan, Green Day, The Used, Billy Talent, Alexisonfire, Panic! at the Disco, Avenged Sevenfold, ect.
FAV. BOOK: It's actually a series called "The Dark Tower" by Stephen King
FAV. MOVIE: I have WAY too many
FAV. COLOUR: A certain shade of Green, not just any shade
SP CONCERT: What do you mean? I have never been to one
FAV. SP MEMBER: Chuck, soo sexy
WHY I LIKE CHUCK: He has a lisp, and I think he's sexy
WHY I JOINED: Because I used to own this community, but I was too busy to maintain it.
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yay moi!

NAME: maggie
AGE: 19
LOCATION: manassas & richmond, virginia 
FAV. BANDS: simple plan & plain white t's
FAV. BOOK: the truth about diamonds -- nicole ritchie
FAV. MOVIE: loveactually & on the line
FAV. COLOUR: black/pink/any other bright color
SP CONCERT: six times: patriot center, virginia, opening for avril in 2003?; 930 club, DC in 2004; nation DC, 2004; hershey, PA with good charlotte, 2005; nation, DC, nov 2005; norva, norfolk, va, nov 2005.
FAV. SP MEMBER: chuck duhhh
WHY I LIKE CHUCK: because he's pretty much amazing & because he bows and that's just amusing & because he liked my french. whhhaat? haha. um & cuz he's hott. and because he dances to pussycat dolls.
WHY I JOINED: because chuck is fabulous. & i'm glad someone started this community back up. because. well i love chuck.
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America Cookie

(no subject)

NAME: McKenna
LOCATION: Wichita, Kansas
FAV. BANDS: Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, The Used, Ludo, Avenged Sevenfold,....and DHT
FAV. BOOK: The Mediator Series, and any of the CSI books
FAV. MOVIE: At the moment Brokeback Mountain
FAV. COLOUR: Pink and Black
SP CONCERT: Kansas City, MO....a while back
FAV. SP MEMBER: Chuck (duh) and Pierre
WHY I LIKE CHUCK: Without Chuck, SP would suck.
WHY I JOINED: Because I like Chuck
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Fire! Fire!

Let's crank this biotch up to ELEVEN!

Okay seeing as _vamppyro_ (Head MOD) doesn't seem to like Chuck anymore (Gasp!) and sourlemonwater has no computer or has disappeared off the face of the earth I've decided to take it into my own hands to revive this community.

Let me introduce myself for those who don't know me:

NAME: Heather or 'Leggy' as some on the intrawebs call me
AGE: 17
LOCATION: Ontario, Canada
FAV. BANDS: Simple Plan(duh!), Fall Out Boy, Green Day, The Used, Day of Contempt, Bad Religion, Avenged Sevenfold.
FAV. BOOK: Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice
FAV. MOVIE: At the moment Underworld: Evolution
FAV. COLOUR: Red/Indigo
SP CONCERT: London, Ontario 12/06/2005
FAV. SP MEMBER: David/Sebastien
WHY I LIKE CHUCK: He is the brains behind Simple Plan. Without Chuck, SP would've never made it.
WHY I JOINED: Jackie (_vamppyro_) forced me to.

Now it's your turn! I want to get know EVERYBODY so post away!
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Fire! Fire!

Story involving Chuck

Hello? Anybody here? *dusts off cobwebs*

Well anyways I though, seeing as I am the all powerful THIRD IN COMMAND! *room shakes from powerfulness!* I would post a lovely little story about my painful encounter with Chuck.

Okay let's begin.

It was a dark and stormy night... okay actually I was a dark and effing cold night and I was standing in line to the Simple Plan concert in London, Ontario on Dec. 6. And guess who I ran into?
(OMG CHUCK?!?!?!)
It was just some teeny bopper who was being a moron.
Anyways as the concert proceeded along and Simple Plan had finished playing their set, Chuck comes out to throw some drumsticks into the crowd. I am acknowledged and he goes to throw a stick towards me but it's too far to my right to grab. BUT as he was throwing the first stick, he also threw a second stick directly at me. I turn around just in time...
To have it smoke me in the face. Right between the eyes. (I had a bruise for 3 days afterwards!)
The stick then falls to the ground and I catch it with my knees. BUT suddenly and angry fat man hip checks me into the crowd and steals the stick. I was able to give him one solid blow to the side of the head but he pushes me down and waddles off as I am being trampled by teeny boppers.

I decided to write Chuck to get a new drumstick but he hasn't responded yet.

...and yes, I AM that violent while in the pit. lol.
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