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Hi. I totally joined this community... a long time ago... Anyway, being the nerd and FF obsessed person I am, I have tons of FF music on my MP3 player. I've taken to downloading all the Chocobo themes(catchy stuff, eh?^^) I can, and was able to find one remix on OverClocked ReMix. Anyone know of any other places to find some remixes? I'm always up for new versions. Any FF games, any Chocobo themes, I have the other music underway.

Favorite Chocobo theme at the moment: Electric de Chocobo. Rock on.

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Can someone tell me what kinds/colors of chocobos there are and why they are different? The only kinds I know of are the standard yellow Chocobo, the Fat Chocobo, the White Chocobo, and the Black Chocobo. And now I forget what the white and black ones are for... ^~^


Hey I just joined this community for this obvious reason, CHOCOBOS! If anyone finds a chocobo origami patter, can you PLEASE send me the link to it! It would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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