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Hey guys,

i figured as a way to get to know eachother we should do the following

post your-

a picture of your self
when/where you you first heard the chinese stars At an locust show with les geogres leingard, liek two or three years ago.
favorite song by them Sick manchine.
a random fact about yourself i have freckles </3
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the smell escaping from my underarms screams victory!

April 12th 2005

All day it was hazy, the sky teased me, i knew that warmth was within my grasp, yet the wind creeped under my skin, causing my protective outer layer to raise into a colony of ant hills.

My intestines felt like they were concaving in on one another. Stress was boiling in my stomach, Some people call these pains "butterflies", a cute term used in teenage vocabulary, often use by a female right before the moment she meets her one true love.

Although nightfall already draped its rich navy shadows down along the citie's skyline, the sun was just making its way out for me and three of my good friends ( Molly Travis and Jess ). The sun morphed into the form of a shitty over priced venue, that is ironically called The Living Room.

Waiting in a line full of deathly constricting pants and perfect yet poorly dyed hair, marching one by one out of the cold. The minutes slip by like molasses, slow and sweet. Amanda and i were chipper as school girls though, bouncing around like the twenty-five cent rubber bouncing balls you so cleverly talked your mother into buying after your weekly purchase of food and other things of the sort.

Shortly after being handed a maroon ticket stub, i made my way to the bathroom. I chit chatted with my girls, and my heart really started to pound. A wave of calm, caressed my five foot eight inched frame. By this time i already saw Frank and all of his wonderful posse. Seriously these kids are a blast! I was really chumming it up amongst those Boston natives, when out of the corner of my eye i spot Josh!

Now the thing about seeing Josh is that after everytime i see him i feel a bit more wiser. Things just click! This kid is like my older, wiser male copy!It became appearant to both of us that we only seem to run into eachother, at Daughters shows, and quite frankly thats lame!!!

Read yellow was setting up, and i stood and mingled with all of the famliar faces there. I got a chance to see Meg and her brother again, they are cute and just plain nutty. I sent many lovely hellos to fellow Chinese stars regualars, Erik and Jess! I sat and flapped my gums a bit before Read Yellow started, we all sat lounging at the bar with Amanda. Mister Peter Creamer took my jacket and purse; and then i rallied up the troups and we made our way to the front of the crowd. The set was roughly around twenty minutes long. The singer ( who i relized later had been my old school friendster buddy) has great stage presence!

Okay now here comes the dazzling display of fireworks blasting out from every metrosexual's phallas in the building! The Chinese Stars began to set the stage. While they were busy doing all of that me and Amanda begin to pant like bitches in heat! Yea, we are totally obessed with this band and the balding pot bellied Eric Paul most of all!

Eric took the stage and right as he was about to start the first song he looks down upon my two hoop earrings resting on the stage before me. His eyes connected with mine playfully, and he begins to speak to me! YES! Can you imagine the high levels of exciment racing through my body? Dumbfounded i responded "yea you kno-w it!" Sadly in reality i have not the slightest clue what this godly front- man was asking of me!
Their songs played with great intensity: entering my ears with surpise and force like a sucker punch to the back of the skull. So many fantistic twists and turns, new songs and many older ones. All while i let the music just take complete control of my entire body. I instantly get intrapped in my own little world of lights, color, and sounds, they all move me limb for limb as i dance out all my rising sexaul frustrations! This band has some of the illest live shows ever, most of this comes from Eric's nueortic stage prensence! The set goes over quite well with the crowd, i mean come on cow bells, how could it not?!

My cheeks were burning hot and bright pink in color. I felt like a cold glass of tap water would be very suiting! Never have i had such a yummy cup of H20. By the time i had finish my water,
Daughters were getting all ready!I was upset because my legs already felt like limp noodles. Regardless of how my legs felt i danced or whatever you'd like to call those sharp movements of my body. Lex was a sarcastic tool bag as always, mocking the crowd and letting spit roll down his chin. They played some choice tracks along with some new shit that sounds very good! At points all i could think about was how badly i needed a new piece of chewing gum. I got so frazzled and landed on my ass with a hard thud on the disgusting club floors, my tail bone hurts like all hell! Then Lex proceeded to remove his pants. I highly approved of this act!

Haha so the good times keep on rolling! I go get my purse to get some nice gum and linger around the bar with some kids until i hear the squealing of the Locusts mic check. I get out there and a nice dance circle has already opened wide. The buzzing intro was teasing the now swaying crowd, then CL-ang! Those first chords rang through the joint sending everyone to just go nuts!I got to see that niggah Hal for a few moments as well. Many good songs were played and those sleeveless Locust "smocks" are just ever so smashing for this years hot summer fashions!

Basically any show where even just one of these bands play is a guarenteed sucess story. Having all of them in one room is still blowing my mind! Every band played flawlessly. I was very pleased!

I made my way around saying goodbye to everyone, and so i clearly had to say good bye to Larry ( he does merch for the Chinese Stars in RI and Mass, hes is an outstanding person, who is homeless and suffers from MS ). I gave Larry a nice warm hug goodbye, i go on to tell him to stay safe and all that jazz. Just then i look up and who do i see? I see Mister Eric Paul looking at me!

Oh yea, you heard me right!I have spoken to him before so i wasnt like surpised or anything when he said hello to me!So our short but very sweet conversation begins. I return his hello obviously. Then i extend my open hand to this pale skined blonde chick, and intruduce myself. Eric then in return intruduces me to his Girlfriend! Yea hes not gay nor single! Which in my eyes is a crying shame! So he goes on to ask me if i liked his joke. I firgured he was talking about what he said before they started their set!So now i explain to him how i could barley understand what he had said to me earlier i then ask what the heck he was blabbing about. Oh boy, well first he tells me that i'm better off not knowing. Of course i kindly ask again what he had ask of me. Eric then explains he had made a tasteless joke. So i randomly changed the subject, and asked him about this rumor i heard about them moving to the west coast. He replys on how thats what he and the band would like to do, i then asked about the fan base out there, in regards to age group, he answered there were more yougner kids into the band on the other coast. GAY. Then we talked about this show coming up in boston, and how it was 18+ and all, he basically told me i should get a fake I.D! Haha that made me laugh, he then broguht up another time where we had talked, and he was all like didnt you say you were turning 18 shortly? I was like nah ( last time i saw him was december? ) and told him my birthday was in early may blah blah blah. Back to the joke, well right as i was leaving i was like come on Eric lay it on me what did you say, i have to know!

"Well i saw your big hoop earrings laying on the speaker, so i asked you if you used them to hold your legs open" Eric replys with a boyish smirk. Yes touchdown! Getting sex jokes made about you from your dream man, priceless!

Needless to say i had a perfect evening and i hope this cheerful mood carries on over the next few days.
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I just joined this because my girll sabrina [dearlyforgotten] is here. and i noticed its all west coast kids so we need a little hometown lovin. [yeah i really have no ideanwhat im blabbing about]

my name is jessica katherine and im in love with larry the merch guy, sweetest man anyone will ever meet. hands down.

<3 s^
wheres my nose?

new member

hey i'm actually really glad to see that there is a chinese stars lj community

i find it really hard to find people who <3 the music as much as i do
so far i've seen them @

~knitting factory w/mae shi <~my fav show so far, they actually were the main band that nite so they played a full set!!!
~the echo w/hella and numbers

hmm sooo good sooo good!!!
so yeah i'm from the san fernando valley area (CA)
add me if u'd like!!!

hope to be seein people at sum shows