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Some new tour dates.

Here are some new dates for the Midwest and East Coast (taken from ***CHANGES MADE***:

10-27 Providence, RI at Kevin & May 4 Eva w/ Mahi/Mahi
10-28 Montreal, QC at El Salon w/ Mahi/Mahi
10-29 Toronto, ON at X space w/ Mahi/Mahi
10-30 Chicago, IL at Beat Kitchen w/ Mahi/Mahi
10-31 Bloomington, IL at Pool Party w/ Mahi/Mahi
11-1 Detroit, MI at Lager House w/ Mahi Mahi
11-2 Toledo, OH at Masonic Temple w/ Mahi/Mahi (early show 6 pm)
11-3 Purchase, NY at Purchase College w/ Mahi/Mahi + Cheeseburger
11-4 Baltimore, MD at The Otto Bar w/ Mahi/Mahi + Cheeseburger
11-5 New York, NY at The Delancey w/ Mahi/Mahi + Cheeseburger
11-6 New Brunswick, NJ at 35 Plum St. w/ Mahi/Mahi + Cheeseburger
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